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Turning 65 or retiring, and new to Medicare?

If you are turning 65 or retiring in the next few months, and enrolling in Medicare Parts B and D, you may be eligible for several new health insurance benefits. Making the right choices for you can seem complicated, which may have raised some questions in your mind. You could be wondering about coverage, costs, and services.
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Have Medicare and want improvements?

Whether you have original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan, you may be eligible to make improvements to your coverage. If you are already on a Medicare Advantage plan and you are frustrated with the costs, coverage or restrictions, its possible that you can make a change for the better.
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I am an independent insurance broker, focused on helping people with Medicare questions, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Plans. I have been working in Health Insurance and Benefits since 1992. My independence, experience and specialization helps clients meet their needs on their terms. I make every effort to understand my clients’ coverage, budget and service needs. With those issues in mind I shop the market and help clients select the carriers and policies that will serve their needs.