About us

Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Plans

I am an Independent Insurance Broker focused on helping people that are entering Medicare and people on Medicare. Medicare is very good, but getting the coverage Smarter-Health-Coverage-NJcan seem like a big chore, it’s not perfect and it’s not free. There are important choices to make that can be hard to reverse if you are not happy, and there are coverage gaps in Medicare that expose you to unlimited out of pocket costs.

My service provides people with the chance to sit down in a convenient, relaxed way so that they can get a clear understanding of how the system works. With that foundation, people can select the best benefits for them, and they can make smarter economical decisions through the process.

As a broker I work only for the client and not any carrier. I have been working in Health Insurance and Benefits since 1992. My independence, experience and specialization help clients meet their needs on their terms with Medicare and Medicare Supplements.