Entering Medicare

If you are turning 65 or retiring in the next few months, and enrolling in Medicare Parts B and D, you may be eligible for several new health insurance benefits. Making the right choices for you can seem complicated, medicare-supplement-NJwhich may have raised some questions in your mind. You could be wondering about coverage, costs, and services.

In fact, it’s really not so bad. If all of your questions were answered in simple, black and white terms, and if you were given a few insights, you might find yourself better off.

I have devoted much time and effort to understand the Medicare health insurance process, and would like to offer you my support.  Working as an independent broker means that I work for my clients, not any single insurance carrier.   I will do everything I can to help you fully understand your health insurance options, the coverage and the costs. This way, you can make decisions that are best for you.

To learn more and to talk about your own circumstances and needs, please call me.  We can chat, and you can have smarter health care coverage.